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Relevant Policies

The following financial policies apply to requests for reimbursements and cash advances processed through AP Workflow:

Business Expenses Policy

"New York University funds may be used only for necessary and reasonable expenses that support the missions of the University."

This policy is intended to ensure proper stewardship of University funds by providing guidelines for their appropriate use, and by outlining procedures that will help members of the NYU community comply with all applicable rules and regulations.

This policy applies to every individual who initiates, processes, approves, or records financial transactions that involve University funds.

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Business Meals (During Travel)
Business Meals Per Diem Rate (During Travel)
Business Meals (Non-Travel)
Cash Advances
Unallowable Costs

Expense Reimbursement Policy

"New York University reimburses employees for necessary and reasonable expenses they incur in the conduct of University business."

New York University employees incur various types of expenses as they perform tasks and duties that support the operations of the institution and further its missions. This policy is to ensure that employees who incur valid business expenses are reimbursed in a fair and equitable manner; that business expenses are reported, recorded, and reimbursed in a consistent manner throughout the University; and that the University complies with all applicable federal, state, and local rules and regulations.

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Accountable Plan
Approval and Authorization Requirements
Documentation Requirements
Mileage Rate
Missing or Inadequate Documentation

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