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Modifying Paths

The “approval path” in AP Workflow defines the roles of each individual in the unit. The Path Administrator is the individual authorized to manage this path. This responsibility includes identifying and adding those who belong to a specific approval path and assigning the dollar threshold for specific Approvers in the path (“flex roles”). The Path Administrator is also an Approver in the path.

Path Administrators have primary responsibility for ensuring compliance with all applicable University policies by all individuals in their school or administrative unit.

Adding Users to a Path

For a path to be valid and functional there must be users assigned to the following roles: Initiator and/or Administrative Initiator and Approver. (The Path Administrator is automatically assigned to this path and is an Approver in the path.)

To add or assign roles, do the following:

1. From the Administrative Systems portal, log in to AP Workflow.
2. You will see the Path Administration screen. If the approval path has previously been created, you will see it listed here. Click on the Path ID # to access the path.
3. If you know the NetID of the person you want to add to the path or assign a role to, enter it in the text box. Otherwise, click the magnifying glass icon to search by user name or NetID. When your list of search results appears, find the employee you want and click the linked Name.
4. Use the pull-down menu to assign a role. Caution: Keep in mind that a person cannot be an Initiator and Approver in the same path.
5. When you are finished, click Save. (Repeat the process for each individual you wish to add or assign a role to in the path.)

Configure Flexroles

This step is required in order to establish approval routing for both expense reimbursement and cash advance requests.

1. Click the Configured Flexroles tab. Under Reimburse Workflow click the dropdown box under Approver 1. If there is more than one approver in the path, the names of the approvers will appear.
2. Select the name of the Approver whose role you want to configure.
3. In text box Amount 1 select from the pull-down menu the spending limits this person can approve.
4. Click Save when finished, or repeat the process for other Approvers as necessary, and then click Save. (At least one Approver must be set to Unlimited).

The following step is optional; do this only when you wish to create a group of users assigned to a particular role (for example, more than one Approver for the same dollar amount).
5. Click the Assigned User Groups tab. Add the names of Approvers here. Be sure that the Group Name is identical for each person assigned to the group. This is case sensitive.

6. When you are finished, click Save.
7. Follow Steps 1 to 4 (Configure Flexroles) above to assign dollar threshold. Click Save when finished.

Note: When a request has been approved by one member of the group, it will be removed form the Worklist of all the other members.