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Prepping Attachments

The following will help ensure that your supporting documentation scans properly for electronic attachment in AP Workflow:

  • Scan letter-size receipts or documents individually; do not try to fit large sizes by overlapping them to produce a single page attachment.
  • If you have multiple receipts in small sizes, try to make a single attachment that shows all of them in easily readable layout. Tape (not staple) small pieces to a blank sheet of paper (make sure they are not so close together that they are difficult to differentiate on screen).
  • Straighten out bent corners or edges before scanning.
  • Mend small tears with clear tape.
  • Do not use highlighter on receipts (this might render some information unreadable).
  • If attaching more than one page, try to keep the same orientation (landscape or portrait).
  • Review scanned documents for clarity before attaching them.
  • Retain original receipts until AP notifies you that your request has been audited and paid. You do not need to maintain originals once you have scanned them and attached them to your request in Workflow. You can access them anytime in the system.