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Key Features

24-Hour Turnaround

When all of the following apply, the Payee's bank account will be credited with the requested reimbursement or cash advance within 24 hours:

  1. The Payee is enrolled in the AP Direct Deposit Program (click here for details and to enroll).
  2. The approved request is received in AP by 11 AM (Approver must hit "Submit" before 11 AM).
  3. Requested advance is less than $500 per week of travel.
  4. Requested reimbursement is less than $500.
  5. All required documentation is attached electronically in the Workflow system.
  6. All documentation is legible and all expenses are confirmed valid and permissible.


Caution: Each financial institution has its own protocol for crediting funds to customers' accounts. This could affect the availability of funds in the Payees' bank account despite their having satisfied the criteria listed above.

AP will notify Payees by e-mail when requests for reimbursement or advance have been processed.