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24-Hour Turnaround FAQs

What do I do to ensure a 24-hour turnaround on my request?

Make sure the following are in place:

  • Enrollment in the AP Direct Deposit Program
  • Your approved request is received at AP by 11 AM (which means your Approver should have approved your request before 11 AM)
  • Your request is under $2,500
  • All required documentation is attached electronically
  • All documentation is legible and all expenses are confirmed valid and permissible


  • AP will process and pay requests that meet all criteria above, within 24 hours
  • Banks have varying processing protocols that may delay access to funds
  • You will receive an email when AP has processed your request

What is the AP Direct Deposit Program? How do I enroll?

  • It is a program designed to get cash payment to you quickly by sending your reimbursement or cash advance payment directly to your bank account
  • Complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form and submit it to AP to enroll
  • New employees can use one form to enroll in both the AP & Payroll direct deposit program

I can’t attach my documentation/receipts. Can I still have a 24-hour turnaround on my request?

No. AP cannot process requests that are not supported by appropriate documentation. The ability to respond to requests quickly is possible only when all required and correct information is provided electronically within the Workflow system.