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Documentation FAQs

How do I submit my documentation or receipts for requests in Workflow?

Submit Online

  • Scan receipts and save as a single PDF, TIFF, DOC, or JPG file
  • Attach digitial documents within AP Workflow

Submit Paper

  • Print the barcode page assigned to the request
  • Give original reciepts and barcode page to your approver
  • Once approved, mail original receipts and barcode page to AP


To avoid delays, how should I prep my receipts/documentation for attachment in Workflow?

  1. Scan letter-size documents individually
  2. Tape multiple small receipts to a single blank page to scan
  3. Straighten bent corners and edges
  4. Mend small tears with clear tape
  5. Do not use a highlighter on receipts
  6. Keep the page orientation consistent
  7. Review scanned documents for legibility
  8. Retain original receipts until you receive email confirmation from AP stating that your documents have satisfied audit

I lost my original receipts. What do I do?

Complete the Missing/Inadequate Documentation Report and attach it to your request in the Workflow system. Or, you may mail it to AP with the barcode page for your transaction (AP will use this barcode to identify the specific request for which the report relates to).

How long do I keep my original receipts after I have attached their images or PDF version in the Workflow system?

Once you have received email confirmation from AP that your documentation has satisfied audit, you may destroy the originals. Images or PDFs in the system can be can be accessed anytime.

I did not attach images or PDF version of my original receipts in the Workflow. Do I need to keep copies after I sent the original to AP?

Make sure first that AP has received your original receipts. You can then dispose of them once AP has received them and your request has been processed.