Patricia Aufderheide   03.2002

Tactical media to me means media projects that people do opportunistically—seizing temporarily available or unclaimed resources—to claim or reclaim some communicative channels or some expressive space, ...


Gregg Bordowitz   03.2002

What is tactical media? An open ended list:
Tactical media is never the dress. It is the perfect pair of earrings that go with your eyes; the smart shoes; the confident smile. It is allure.
Tactical media has an ironic sense of humor and a sincere heart. ...

Sandra Braman   03.2002

I define tactical media according to the military usage, in which tactics are short-term actions taken in pursuit of long-term strategies designed in accordance with doctrine, or overarching principles. ...
A look at the myriad examples of what practitioners and theorists have described as tactical media since 9-11 in the virtual casebook, however, demonstrates that—like all evolving social forms—when new modes of alternative media appear they do not replace but become layered over those that have come before. ... (LINK TO ESSAY)


David Garcia   03.2002

Tactical media are what happens when the cheap “do it yourself media” made possible by the revolution in consumer electronics and the expanded forms of distribution (cable, satellite and internet) are exploited by groups and individuals who feel aggrieved or excluded by the wider culture. It is their refusal of the position of "objectivity" which more than anything separates the tactical from mainstream media culture. ...
It is very important to broaden the idea and usage of "tactical media". The necessary power and influence of the new wave of political movements for global economic and social justice (linked to ecological responsibility) have led (understandably) to the term "tactical media" being interpreted exclusively as media used in the service of a general or specific political campaigns. As Geert has simply lumped "tactical media" and "indymedia" together (suggesting that they somehow amount to the same thing) I am assuming that this mistake is being made here. ...
If tactical media were to ever attain its legitimate objectives it would immediately become redundant as a separate category. In that moment we would all become media, equally unwilling to allow experts and media professionals to control (or monopolize) public discourse. September 11th had this precise effect, rendering (albeit momentarily) the term tactical media redundant. ...


Dee Dee Halleck   03.2002

Tactical media is creative solidarity in the fight for justice and democracy: resistance to the rampant tendencies toward repression, exploitation, isolation, alienation and corporatization.

Brian Holmes   03.2002

David Garcia's reflection on tactical media in Amsterdam makes an exemplary local situation into a way to take stock of the whole panorama of tactical and direct-action movements that have emerged over the last decade. ...


Natalie Jeremijenko   03.2002

My definition of tactical media is what tactical media artists do.


Geert Lovink   03.2002

In the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall the term 'tactical media' arose as a renaissance of media activism, blending old school political work, artists' engagement with new technologies. During the early nineties there was a growing awareness of gender issues, racism, post-colonial struggles and the possible role that art could play in society.

Martin Lucas   03.2002

Tactical media in the sixties was watching Felix Greene's Inside North Vietnam and Resnais'Hiroshima Mon Amour on a 16mm projector wired to a street light. ...


Joanne Richardson   03.2002

If, as David Garcia admits, the idea of tactical media grew out of a specifically Amsterdam context (or perhaps in a wider sense, the liberal democratic context of the countries of advanced capitalism), it is commendable that N5M4 is attempting to transcend its origins and includes initiatives that were previously left out of what seemed to be a primarily 'western' idea of tactical media. ...


Patricia Spyer   03.2002

Both in and out of the picture, such "shadow media" form the tangential, mobile infrastructure of a counter-discourse to conventional national and international broadcasting. In their technology, content, and form of address, the Indonesian VCDs appear similar to other videos circulating among Muslims elsewhere. ...


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