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The Major and Minor in Dramatic Literature at NYU

The standard Dramatic Literature major consists of ten courses within the department, including V30.0110 and V30.0111; one course in dramatic literature before 1800; a minimum of two (maximum of seven) Dramatic Literature electives; and no more than five courses in cinema studies and practical theatre. Transfer students must complete at least five of the 10 courses at the College. Note: C- is the lowest grade that may be counted toward the major provided that the overall average in dramatic literature courses, including the C- course, is C or above.

The standard Dramatic Literature minor consists of any four V30 courses offered by the department. Transfer students must complete at least two of the four courses at the College. Note: C- is the lowest grade that may be counted toward the minor provided that the overall average in dramatic literature courses, including the C- course, is C or above.

Courses fulfilling distribution requirements:

Please note that the titles of certain courses vary from semester to semester. You should go by the number rather than the title in determining the requirement fulfilled by such courses.

Course Planning Worksheet [PDF]

Dramatic Literature Before 1800 (one required)

DRLIT-UA 35 Acting Medieval Literature
DRLIT-UA 36 Reorienting the Renaissance
DRLIT-UA 225 Shakespeare I
DRLIT-UA 226 Shakespeare II
DRLIT-UA 228 Shakespeare On Film
DRLIT-UA 230 Colloq: Shakespeare
DRLIT-UA 231 Shakespeare’s Contemporaries
DRLIT-UA 200 Tragedy
DRLIT-UA 205 Comedy
DRLIT-UA 210 Greek Drama
DRLIT-UA 211 Comedies Of Greece And Rome
DRLIT-UA 212 Roman Drama
DRLIT-UA 235 Restoration & 18th C Drama
DRLIT-UA 290 17th Century Theatre

Dramatic Literature Electives (minimum of two, maximum of seven will count toward the major)
DRLIT-UA 113 Modern Drama
DRLIT-UA 114 Modern Drama: Expressionism & Beyond
DRLIT-UA 130 Theory Of Drama
DRLIT-UA 134 Theatre in New York    
DRLIT-UA 136 The Avant-Garde
DRLIT-UA 137 Gay & Lesbian Performance
DRLIT-UA 138 Popular Performance
DRLIT-UA 173  Futurism
DRLIT-UA 240 Feminism And Theatre
DRLIT-UA 245 Modern British Drama
DRLIT-UA 246 Colloq: Major Playwrights
DRLIT-UA 249 Modern Irish Drama
DRLIT-UA 251 Theatrical Genres
DRLIT-UA 253 Modern American Drama
DRLIT-UA 254 Major Playwrights
DRLIT-UA 255 African-American Drama
DRLIT-UA 256 Asian American Theater
DRLIT-UA 257 Aids In Performance
DRLIT-UA 258 Political Theatre
DRLIT-UA 260 Modern Central European Drama:
DRLIT-UA 261 Comp Study 20th C Drama
DRLIT-UA 270 Contemporary French Theatre  
DRLIT-UA 280 Pirandello And The Italian Theatre
DRLIT-UA 291 Spanish Theatre Of The 20th Century
DRLIT-UA 292 Garcia Lorca
DRLIT-UA 293 Theatre Of Latin America
DRLIT-UA 294 Theatre In Asia   
DRLIT-UA 296 Musical Theatre
DRLIT-UA 301 Topics In Performance Studies
DRLIT-UA 508 Inter-Artistic Genres
DRLIT-UA 701 Irish Dramatists
DRLIT-UA 720 Gender & Performance In The Italian Th
DRLIT-UA 863 The Italian South: Literature, Theatre, Cinema
Cinema and Practical Theatre (maximum of five)
DRLIT-UA 300 Drama in Performance in New York    
DRLIT-UA 504 Cinema & Literature
DRLIT-UA 506 Italian Films, Italian Histories II
DRLIT-UA 511 Film Criticism
DRLIT-UA 512 Film Genres: Westerns And Horror
DRLIT-UA 513 Intro. To American Video Art
DRLIT-UA 514 Women, Film And Social Change
DRLIT-UA 517   Film Aesthetics  
DRLIT-UA 520 Silent Screen: 1895-1928
DRLIT-UA 521 Hollywood & Its Alternatives
DRLIT-UA 522 History Of Russian Film  
DRLIT-UA 523 The Economics Of Film
DRLIT-UA 524 Topics In International Cinema  
DRLIT-UA 525 Topics In US Cinema
DRLIT-UA 526 Topics In Theoretical
DRLIT-UA 527 Topics In Social Cinema
DRLIT-UA 528 Comparative Directors  
DRLIT-UA 530 Film Now
DRLIT-UA 531 Film Theory
DRLIT-UA 636 Stagecraft
DRLIT-UA 638 Acting I
DRLIT-UA 640 Acting I
DRLIT-UA 641 Stage Lighting
DRLIT-UA 642 Costume Design
DRLIT-UA 644 Directing
DRLIT-UA 645 Design For The Stage
DRLIT-UA 647 Styles Of Acting & Directing
DRLIT-UA 648 Physical Theatre Improvisation
DRLIT-UA 649 Fundamentals Of Acting I
DRLIT-UA 650 Fundamentals Of Acting II
DRLIT-UA 840 Workshop in Playwriting