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EDLO is an academic organization geared toward English and Dramatic Literature majors at NYU. It is open to all students and is a wonderful way to further an academic experience at NYU. EDLO offers a friendly and curious interest in theatre, literature, and poetry and also offers help for post-graduation and for picking classes while at NYU. Members of EDLO find that they enjoy the small group atmosphere and the opportunity to meet other students who share their interests.

The club meets every Monday at 6 in either 505 or 222, 19 University Place. There also is a list serve called EDLO join-able at

Upcoming Events:
October 2: Vocal Interpretation of Literature Contest; the Great Room, 6-8
October 24: Alumni Reception; Ireland House 6:30 - 8:30
November 7 and 8 at 8 and November 9 at 2: EDLO Theatre presents: Joan Ackerman's Off the Map and Lena Bardin's The Happiest Girls in the World. All performances in the Thompson Basement
November 20: Creative Writing Colloquium; Silverstein Lounge 6-8

Bonnie Ciminera
Crissie Johnson

Dan Kitrosser

Sheldon Field

EDLO Advisor:
Professor Martha Rust