Calibration of temperature or heat flow


1. Put the Indium reference sample on the DSC sample pans.

    Sample with 'I' on the center must be put on the sample pan and the other sample on the reference pan.

2. Activate 'Method Editor' window. (Just click any portion of 'Method Editor' window.)

3. Click the menu 'View - Calibrate'.

4. After opening calibration window, click the menu 'Restore temperature' and 'Restore heat flow'.

5. Select 'Indium'.  Change the weight of sample in every section.

6. Click 'Save & Apply'. Save as '...\calibration\default.dcc'.

7. Run the DSC with prefered scan rate over the range of 130 C through 180 C.

8. Analyze peak area and onset position.

9. Do the steps 2 and 3 again.

10. Replace the measured onset and heat with the values obtained at the step 8.

11. Click 'Save & Apply'. Save as '...\calibration\IndCal(X).dcc'. If you do the calibration with 5 C/min of scan rate, X is equal to 5.

12. Do the steps 7 and 8 again.

13. New onset position must be between 156.57 C and 156.77 C and new heat must be between 28.17 J/g and 28.73 J/g.

      Otherwise, do the calibration again from step 2.