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Babysitting Registry

Guidelines for Parents

Using the Babysitting Registry

  • The Babysitting Registry is made available as a convenience for NYU parents and students. NYU does not screen students for the Babysitting Registry. Parents must carefully consider each candidate before hiring them to care for their children.
  • Parents and students can post jobs and availability for all types of needs: sporadic, one time job, or a regular position with a weekly schedule. The profile also provides the option of posting for care during the daytime, evening, weekend, and summer. The more information you can provide in your posting the better your chance of finding a match.
  • Parents and students can both post and search for positions.
  • Post your babysitting job as early as possible. Remember to take the school calendar into consideration when posting a job.
  • Parents and students are responsible to keep their job postings up-to-date. Once your position is filled or your need ends, you will want to delete your listing from the Registry to avoid receiving additional inquiries from NYU students.
  • All jobs and profiles posted on the Babysitting Registry will be removed each semester. If you are interested in maintaining your posting you will need to re-post it each semester.
  • NYU Family Care reserves the right to remove postings and profiles from the Registry.
  • NYU Family Care will communicate with parent and student registrants each semester to seek feedback and to help keep postings up-to-date.

Hiring a Babysitter

  • It is strongly recommended that parents interview babysitters and check references before hiring. At least one instance of supervised care is also encouraged. For guidance, see Hiring a Babysitter.
  • If you desire a face-to-face interview with a potential babysitter it is standard practice to reimburse the student for any bus or subway expenses.
  • Be sure to discuss expectations (including pay) with your babysitter ahead of time. Babysitters should not be asked to perform any housekeeping duties that are not directly related to child care.
  • Find out if your babysitter has any allergies (food or pet), special needs or other concerns. This is for the safety of your children as well as the babysitter.
  • Payment for babysitting should be made after each occasion. Most babysitting positions pay between $10 and $15 per hour; the average rate is $12 per hour. Be sure to discuss the hourly rate to be paid with the babysitter. As you set the wage consider the number of children the sitter will be caring for, the hours care is needed, your urgent need for care. If you are paying extra, be sure to indicate that in your posting.
  • Once you decide to hire a babysitter be certain that they know your address and contact information. Confirm that you know the best way to reach them as well.
  • Babysitters are instructed that they may not bring children into the NYU dorms. It is also strongly advised that babysitters not bring or invite guests to your home while caring for your children.
  • Depending upon where your babysitter lives you may want to provide her or him with transportation or reimbursement for transportation to and from your home. Especially after dark, it is essential that your babysitter has a safe way to get home. Helping them secure a taxi and providing cab fare may be appropriate.
  • If you need to cancel, contact your babysitter directly at least 24 hours in advance. You might want to consider providing some compensation if less notice is given.

Preparing Your Home for a Babysitter

  • Be prepared to spend a minimum of 15 minutes with the babysitter before leaving your home. This time will help you orient the babysitter to your home, (re-)introduce them to your children and clarify expectations for their time together.
  • If your babysitter will be working during meal times be sure to leave food or money for food. If the babysitter is expected to prepare a meal for your child(ren), try to keep it simple and make sure all needed items are easily accessible. Snacks during evening hours are always appreciated.
  • Provide your sitter with necessary information (where you will be, emergency contact information, rules and routines, etc.). See Babysitter Information Sheet (PDF) or for a list of what a babysitter needs to know.

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