There is mounting evidence that our ability to disengage from work is important for alleviating stress, being more productive, and maintaining our health and healthy relationships with those around us. While access to email and having the flexibility to work when we need to allows us to be effective it also can create a great deal of stress for those around us on the receiving end.

What does the research show us?

Companies that have implemented email guidelines and practices:

  • PepsiCo – After-hours emails are discouraged
  • Vynamic Healthcare Consultancy - Emails discouraged between 10:00 pm & 7:00 am weekdays and weekends through a program called “zmail”
  • Boston Consulting Group - One email-free evening per week

Suggestions for kinder emailing

  • Consider setting clear expectations of when you would like a response to an email by adding language in your subject line: No need to respond to this until tomorrow
  • Practice drafting, saving, and sending at a later time/during business hours
  • Avoid “reply-all” when not needed
  • Create a tag line under your signature
    • Join Me in Email-Free Weekends
    • Think Twice before Sending Emails After-hours
    • Draft, Save, & Send Later