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If you wish to bring family members for the duration of your stay, they will likely have to enter the US as your dependents. OGS can assist with dependent visas for your spouse or children who are unmarried and under the age of 21.

Please see the procedures on getting visas for dependents of:
J-1 scholars
H-1B scholars
O-1 scholars
E-3 scholars
TN scholars

Short Visits

If your family member plans to only remain in the US for a short visit, they may visit as a B-2 visitor or through the Visa Waiver Program (if they qualify). Individuals in B-2 status are routinely admitted to the US for a 6 month period. Individuals entering through the Visa Waiver Program are typically admitted for up to 90 days.

B-2 Tourist Visa

Your family member will need to get a B-2 tourist visa at a US consular office abroad.

You do NOT need any letter or document from Scholar Services to invite a family member as a B-2 visitor. If you wish to invite family members, other than your spouse or child, to visit the United States for a short time on a B-2 visitor visa, you may provide them with:

  • a personal invitation letter, which should include your name, school, relationship to the applicant, name of applicant, applicant’s place and date of birth, dates expected to visit the United States, duration of visit, preferred arrival date, and whether you will provide financial support for the applicant’s visit;
  • a copy of your NYU offer letter;
  • copies of your immigration documents, visa stamp, and I-94 record, and;
  • copies of your proof of financial support, such as bank statements, funding letters, and/or personal bank statements if you stated that you would provide financial support for the applicant during his/her stay in the US.

Visa Waiver Program (VWP)

The Visa Waiver Program requires Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) registration and fee payment. See a list of qualifying countries.

NYU Spouse and Partner Programs 

Scholar Services offers several programs for all spouses and partners of the NYU international community.

  • International Spouse and Partner English Program (ISEP): Offered each semester, ISEP provides non-credit instruction with a focus on conversational English and American culture.
  • International Spouse and Partner Group (ISG): ISG is an informal social group run by OGS Scholar Services that allows international spouses and partners to meet and explore the city together. The group is free and meets weekly.
  • International Spouses and Partners Welcome Breakfast: Each fall, OGS hosts a welcome breakfast for all international spouses and partners (and their families). Speakers from the university offer information on topics such as childcare, volunteering, continuing education, and more. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow international spouses and partners.

Learn more or enroll in the OGS Spouse and Partner Programs!