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Recording lectures for student viewing

Need to record a lecture and make it available to students? Simply recording your lecture via screen recording or via your webcam through NYU Stream can be an effective method of enabling your students to view the lecture outside of class time and prepare for a discussion session, whether in person or asynchronously online. Lectures can be grouped together in playlists created in NYU Stream and posted to NYU Classes.

Need help, or don't want to download anything new? Make an appointment at the Digital Studio where software is available and staff can help get you started.

NYU Stream

Leading asynchronous discussions online

Need to extend the discussion beyond class hours? Using NYU Classes Forums will help you keep the conversation going when physically getting together could be a challenge. You will need to create a separate group to communicate with your students, but the ease at which the conversation can continue could be well worth the effort. The NYU Web Publishing service, powered by WordPress, also offers this functionality.

NYU Classes

Web Publishing

Providing course content to your students (handouts, readings, multimedia)

Want to provide access to your students to an article or want them review the presentation slides? Uploading resources into NYU Classes or NYU Drive could provide the easy solution to share that PDF or Word document with your students. Don't forget to let them know the resource is there and available for them to download or view. See below for information on how to distribute announcements or updates to your students as well to keep them informed.

You can also use the NYU Classes Lessons tool to sequence your course. In addition to adding course documents you may organize assessments, multimedia assets, and other activities into your site. 

Google Apps

NYU Classes

Distributing group updates

Keep your students informed through group announcements to let them know when additional classes are going to be held, or when assignments are due. NYU Classes has built-in announcement features that send email out to your students, but NYU Groups could be a great way to share a common inbox for those important communications.

Google Apps

NYU Classes

Holding virtual office hours

Are your students asking for additional office hours? Consider using one of the built-in group chatting features in NYU Classes to have synchronous conversations with your students.

Need to set up private chat rooms for study groups or 1:1s, or allow a more open forum for everyone to view and participate in the discussion. Group chatting (text only) through Google is possible as well for 1:1s or small groups to continue the conversations outside of NYU Classes.

Google Apps

NYU Classes

Online papers submissions and collection

Want to make it easier for your students to submit a paper online? Consider using the online submission abilities of the assignment tools in NYU Classes. Assignments can be available with instructions for your students, due dates to ensure they are submitted on time, and batch downloading for easy reading and grading. 

NYU Classes

NYU Email

Online problems sets and quizzes

Want to give a make-up quiz online or problem set for your class? NYU Classes allows you to give online tests and quizzes to your students, either at a specific time or on their own schedule, and with the exception of essay questions, quizzes can be self-graded as well. If you wish to give a survey to your students, consider using the NYU Survey Service, powered by Qualtrics, and supported through Data Services.

NYU Survey Service (Qualtrics)

NYU Classes

NYU Drive

Set up an NYU Classes site

NYU Classes is available to the entire NYU Community. If you have not already done so and have enough time available, you can set up and publish a course site and make it available to your students as a resource. 

Additional help & information

If you can't find the information you need, search the ServiceLink knowledge base, or contact the IT Service Desk.

Tech Savvy offers additional help and training with short e-learning modules on topics such as WebEx, NYU Classes, NYU Stream, Google Apps, and more.