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Producing Your Own Videos at NYU

Blended Learning Room in the Digital Studio

blended learning room

The Digital Studio's blended learning room


Blended Learning is an enhanced service in which faculty work with instructional designers to create short and engaging high quality pieces of video content. A collaboration between ITS & Libraries, Blended Learning is not meant to replace the face-to-face interaction between students and faculty, but rather enhance it. What students learn through modular video content better informs what they learn face-to-face, and vice versa. The student is no longer bound by the pace of the entire classroom of students.

The blended team has designed a take away graphic for faculty to help them “ponder” video and media when creating new content structures.

Blended Learning text

Example of NYU Stream (Kaltura) Video Service

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Software-Based Solutions for Personal Computers

Aside from uploading video content, NYU Stream has two built in tools to promote content creation directly within the service itself. These tools include webcam recording and screen capture. Both are entirely browser based so all you need is an internet connection and some basic plugins.

NYU Stream's Screen Capture Tool

NYU Stream's built-in screen capture tool allows all users to record a screen capture, with or without picture in picture of the presenter, for up to 2 hours. The user can make the screen capture available to viewers in several ways, such as publishing it to a channel within Stream or embedding it into NYU Classes.

NYU Stream's Webcam Recording

NYU Stream's built-in webcam recording tool allows all users to record video content directly in the service itself.  By initiating your computer's webcam you can record a brief presentation to your students, comment via video on an assignment, or collaborate by more engaging means within a channel.



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