The Center for Faculty Advancement (CFA) provides a range of professional development offerings for faculty at every phase of their academic career. Through its partnerships with Academic Impressions, NYU Office of Human Resources, NYU Office of Equal Opportunity, and Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools, the Center offers leadership development opportunities for all faculty, and also for faculty-administrators, and other higher education leaders across campus.

Leadership Resources for All Faculty

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We have chosen Academic Impressions as our partner to deliver a range of both in-person and online resources to help better equip faculty with the tools to lead and become leaders in their respective departments, programs, offices, and/or administrative units. ALL NYU faculty members may create an account on the Academic Impressions website using “” email address in order to utilize the online resources membership. Please note, faculty must log into your account before selecting the webcasts of interest.

Department Chair Leadership Development

The Center for Faculty Advancement in collaboration with Academic Impressions offers leadership development workshops for Department Chairs and other higher education leaders. The two-day workshops that focus on academic leadership in higher education, the role and expectations of the Department Chair, and best practices for building departmental leadership pipelines will be available each semester.

During the practical workshops, Department Chairs will learn tools and tactics designed to help them be successful in both duties as a department chair, including:

  • Handling the most difficult complaints that you face
  • Developing a vision and setting goals within your academic department
  • Motivating and mentoring your faculty
  • Setting performance expectations for faculty
  • Dealing with difficult faculty colleagues
  • Managing crises that occur on your watch

Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Equity Engagement and Leadership Development

The Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools (METRO Center) focuses on driving equity and access in urban, suburban, and rural school settings - especially when confronting issues of difference across race, gender, gender identity, national origin, socioeconomic status, and so on. Its Center for Strategic Solutions (CSS) provides tactical support, applied research, and collaborative problem-solving to schools in the United States and abroad as well as agencies outside education. The central focus of its work is helping organizations to implement strategies that close equity gaps and lead to the improvement of student outcomes.

NYU recognizes the continuous need for faculty members to be culturally competent and socially responsible and sensitized. The  Center for Faculty Advancement, METRO Center, the Office of Global Inclusion and University Human Resources partner together to strengthen faculty engagement on issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion to build equitable and inclusive learning environments for students, and departmental cultures for faculty, administrators and staff; and to support faculty hiring and mentorship practices.

The partnership will allow Schools and Units  to request  assistance with specialized consultation and various forms of training for faculty and postdoctoral scholars on matters related to diversity, inclusion, and belonging, which includes:

  • preparing faculty on how to build inclusive classroom cultures that contribute to student academic success;
  • working amongst faculty to catalyze and manage departmental cultural changes to promote more inclusive workplace cultures among faculty and between faculty and graduate students;
  • equipping search committees with resources and tools that foster and promote inclusive search practices, which thereby promotes the hiring of more diverse faculty.

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