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Spiritual Life

NYU’s Center for Spiritual Life is a multifaith initiative to enhance the educational experience by fostering a community of scholars who support religious expression, leadership, integrity, mutual respect and open dialogue. We seek to provide a safe environment for all students, faculty, and staff to grow, explore and deepen their own beliefs and values. Additionally, the Center offers a sanctuary for learning and exploration, and for deepening one's understanding of self, of others, and of the world, while fostering the education of the whole person. The Center encourages students to expand their knowledge within and beyond their own faith traditions. By doing so, students have the opportunity to embrace choices and create meaningful connections within NYU, in their home communities, and in the global community. Visit our site »

The Center For Spiritual Life and the Chaplains' Circle Seek to Promote:

  • spiritual wholeness
  • respect within & beyond one’s faith community
  • engagement with religious diversity
  • dialogue
  • community service
  • ethical reasoning
  • personal responsibility and value development

For questions about specific information religious groups, referrals, or to receive the Center for Spiritual Life’s newsletter for recent religious events in NYU and other details, contact:

Center for Spiritual Life
238 Thompson Street
Fourth Floor
New York, New York 10012

Join us for yoga, meditation, and special events hosted by The Mindfulness Project.

Centers and Resources:

Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life
7 East 10th Street
(212) 998-4114

Rabbi Yehuda Sarna
University Chaplain
Bronfman Center

(212) 998-4118

Catholic Center at NYU
Thompson Center, 1st floor
238 Thompson Street
(212) 674-7236

University Parish of St. Joseph
Sixth Avenue and Washington Place
(212) 741-1274

Father John McGuire, O.P.
University Parish at St. Joseph's

(212) 741-1274

Father Allan White, O.P., S.T.L., M.A., B.D., Ph.D.
University Chaplain
Catholic Center

Islamic Center
Kimmel Center for Student Life
60 Washington Square South - #207
(212) 998-4712

Imam Khalid Latif
University Chaplain

Protestant Ministries at NYU



Reverend Susan Field
University Chaplain
Protestant Campus Ministries

Kimmel Center for Student Life
60 Washington Square South - #207
(212) 998-4711



Anna Lee
Associate PMO Coordinator
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Graduate & Faculty Ministries



Valerie Althouse
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship International Student Ministry



Lara Borrereo
Campus Crusade for Christ



Jennifer Buell
Campus Crusade for Christ



George Hsieh
Remnant Christian Fellowship



Ho-Tay Ma
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's Multi-Ethnic Fellowship (undergraduate)



Ashley Jung
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's Asian American Christian Fellowship (undergraduate)



Reverend John Mertz
Episcopal Campus Ministry
Canterbury Club



Reverend Justin Moffitt
Christ Church (Anglican Evangelical)



Emily Mouyeos
Gallery Church



Tim Pai
Remnant Christian Fellowship



Reverend John Priest
Lutheran Campus Ministries



Johnny Pyon
Asian Baptist Student Koinonia                                                                          



Eunice Pyon
Asian Baptist Student Koinonia   



Ryan Taylor
Apostles' Church                                           



Peter Trautmann
Navigators Christian Fellowship



Tina Yeo
Korean Campus Crusade for Christ


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