Global Walking Challenge

Fifth Annual Contest (November 15 - December 12, 2015) Concludes with Record 119 Million Steps

Global Walking Challenge

Held in November-December 2015 by NYU LiveSmart, the Global Walking Challenge resulted in a fun and collegial connection for NYU New York, NYU Abu Dhabi, and NYU Shanghai – inspiring faculty and employees across our global network to make enhancements in their daily lives toward a healthier lifestyle.*

The results are in! Recording individual steps on a shared spreadsheet, 774 participants collectively walked more than 119 million steps or 60,000 miles – 12 million steps more than last year. To put this four-week accomplishment in perspective, if all participants began stepping in New York and walked to Abu Dhabi – eight times! – there would be approximately enough miles remaining to walk to our NYU colleagues in Shanghai.

The winning team is calculated by the total number of team steps divided by the number of participants to achieve the average number of steps:

NYU New York

Winner of the inaugural contest, teammates took 78,275,892 total steps, with an average of 269,917 steps; the top walker logged 750,225 steps.

NYU Shanghai

In their second year of competition, teammates took 23,179,115 total steps, with an average of 275,942 steps; the top walker logged 562,913 steps.

NYU Abu Dhabi

Reigning champions since 2012, teammates took 18,105,865 total steps, with an average of 282,904 steps; the top walker logged 631,810 steps.

Congratulations, Abu Dhabi team – for the fourth consecutive year, you continue to hold the torch trophy!

  • 2015 – Abu Dhabi team
  • 2014 – Abu Dhabi team
  • 2013 – Abu Dhabi team
  • 2012 – Abu Dhabi team
  • 2011 – New York team

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* The World Health Organization, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and American Heart Foundation recommend a minimum 10,000 steps per day to improve health and reduce risks of chronic disease. What's your daily step count?

Global Walking Challenge