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University Relations and Public Affairs

New York University is a large community of 50,000 students, members of faculties, administration, and staff. Informing the various interested sectors of the public of news and developments within our community is the primary mission of the Office of Public Affairs and the bureaus reporting to it.

NYU’s dramatic rise over the past 15 years brings with it ever-increasing media attention and scrutiny, much of it positive, some if it less so. It is hard to overstate the importance of effective communications in supporting the University’s strategic goals. Thoughtful communications about NYU’s efforts as a research university and member of the community of major New York institutions are crucial for enabling public officials, academics, donors (whether individuals, alumni, foundations, or corporations), candidates for admissions, parents of students, our neighbors, as well as those in our own community to better understand us and engage with us in an informed and productive fashion.

Among the communications tools employed by the Office of Public Affairs are news releases, contact with editors and editorial specialists in print and electronic media, bulletins and catalogs, advertising, still photography, motion picture film and video, direct mail, distribution of reprints of notable speeches and policy statements by administration and faculty, and the use of the web and other means of electronic communications.

But the public relations of New York University are, literally, also the business of everyone who works for the University, from its President and Chancellor to its newest employee. For while the Office of Public Affairs is charged with the formal mission of helping to enhance the public recognition and stature of the University and its scholars by disseminating official information through recognized media and established channels of information, some of the most telling impressions those interacting with NYU gain may depend on how courteously a telephone is answered; what a staff member tells friends about work; how effectively a member of our community works in his or her home community; and how students respond to the quality of teaching and the counseling they receive throughout their undergraduate and graduate years here.

The Office of Public Affairs is eager to support NYU’s faculty and work closely with them to publicize their academic efforts and achievements. In addition, the Office works to make connections between news organizations and scholars with expert knowledge, enabling faculty members to educate the public widely on issues of civic importance.

See the NYU Public Directory for contact information.

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