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Retirement of Tenured Faculty and Tenured Librarians [University Bylaws, Section 91]

“The tenure rights of Tenured Faculty and librarians who have attained tenure will cease August 31 of the academic year, September 1 to August 31, in which they give notice of their intention to retire from active service, unless an alternative effective date is agreed upon, and there shall be no presumption of reappointment thereafter.”

Professor Emerita; Professor Emeritus

The titles of Professor Emerita and Professor Emeritus are given only to full professors who have served New York University with academic distinction for a long enough time prior to retirement to have become identified historically in the profession as New York University professors. This title is given only upon formal retirement from active service, or at least from full-time active service. It is not automatic; it must be recommended by a department and approved through the normal procedures applicable to other academic titles. Comparable principles apply to the use of the designation Emerita and Emeritus for administrative personnel.