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In order to foster an ongoing relationship with the University’s retirees, a number of perquisites are available through Central Administration and the individual schools. Faculty members may contact their Dean’s Office for details.

To determine eligibility for benefits after retirement, the Benefits Office or the Dean’s Office should be consulted. See the NYU Public Directory for contact information.

Special attention is called to Bylaws 85 and 73, which read as follows.


[Bylaw 85]

The tenure rights of officers of instruction and librarians will cease August 31 of the academic year, September 1 to August 31, in which they give notice of their intention to retire from active service, unless an alternative effective date is agreed upon, and there shall be no presumption of reappointment thereafter.

Term of Administrative Appointments

[Bylaw 73]

Appointment to an administrative office, including but not limited to the office of executive dean, dean, vice dean, associate dean, assistant dean, director, secretary, department head, and department chair, will be without limit of time, unless otherwise specified, but may be terminated at any time without prejudice to any rights of the officer as holder of a professorship (a) by the President and Chancellor, or the Executive Committee, or the Board; (b) in the case of an appointment other than an executive dean or dean or head, by the executive dean or dean, or by their respective designees; and (c) in the case of an appointment of a head, by the appropriate deans jointly or by the Provost.

Professor Emerita; Professor Emeritus

The titles of Professor Emerita and Professor Emeritus are given only to full professors who have served New York University with academic distinction for a long enough time prior to retirement to have become identified historically in the profession as New York University professors. This title is given only upon formal retirement from active service, or at least from full-time active service. It is not automatic; it must be recommended by a department and approved through the normal procedures applicable to other academic titles. Comparable principles apply to the use of the designation Emerita and Emeritus for administrative personnel.

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