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Faculty Membership and Meetings

The Bylaws of the University are explicit on the matter of who is a faculty member and on how voting rights are allotted; the relevant texts are reproduced here.

Faculty Membership

[Bylaw 78]

a) Voting Members. The voting members of each faculty shall consist of the President and Chancellor, the Provost, the dean of the faculty, and the professors, associate professors, and assistant professors (or in the Division of the Libraries, the curators, associate curators, and assistant curators), who serve on a full-time basis. In addition, the Executive Vice President for Health will be an ex officio voting member of the faculty of the School of Medicine, of the Post-Graduate Medical School, and of the College of Dentistry; and each vice president or deputy provost or vice provost who has academic responsibilities will be an official voting member of the faculty of each school in his or her purview.

b) Attendance at Faculty Meetings. In addition, professors emeriti, adjunct and clinical and visiting professors of each grade and research professors without tenure of each grade, instructors, library associates, lecturers, senior language lecturers, language lecturers, master teachers, teachers, master artists, and artists-in-residence, whether they teach on a full-time or part-time basis, are entitled, subject to faculty regulations, to attend faculty meetings, but they will not have the right to vote at such meetings, except as provided below. Every year, each faculty through affirmative action of its voting members as specified insubsection (a) of this Section 78 may in its discretion, and according to its own qualifications, grant voting privileges to all or some of the individuals described above on matters affecting that faculty only, and excepting matters directly or indirectly affecting the individual’s candidacy for a degree or his or her status on the faculty at the University, and the election of members of the Faculty Senators Council or University commissions.

c) Officer of Instruction. An officer of instruction serving on a full-time basis in the University will be a full-time member of the faculty of each school in which he or she gives instruction regularly, but will have voting rights in the election of members of the Faculty Senators Council only in the school of his or her principal assignment as determined for this purpose by the President and Chancellor.

d) Roster. The roster of faculty members entitled to voting rights in each faculty under subsections (a), (b), and (c) of this Section 78 will be prepared and maintained on a current basis by the dean of the faculty, will be submitted to the Secretary and General Counsel for verification and filing in the official records, and will be available for reference at each faculty meeting.

Faculty Meetings

[Bylaw 79]
Each faculty will hold at least four meetings each year, at such times and places and
under such rules of procedure, consistent with these bylaws, as it may determine. Copies
of the minutes of such meetings will be sent to the President and Chancellor and the

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