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The salary of a full-time officer of instruction who teaches in the school’s regular fall and spring terms, or a full-time faculty member, teaching assistant, and graduate assistant, in the School of Medicine and College of Dentistry who serves the entire academic year, is paid by monthly check in equal installments over the entire calendar year, beginning on the first day of the month following the effective date of appointment, with the exception that a teaching associate, teaching assistant, teaching fellow, or graduate assistant on duty from September through May receives his or her salary in 17 biweekly payments, starting in September and ending in May.

Salary payments to a part-time member of the instructional staff are payable four times each term, on the first of October, November, December, and January for the fall term, and on the first of March, April, May, and June for the spring term, with the exception that a part-time faculty member appointed for the entire academic year (September through May) will receive his or her salary in nine equal payments starting October 1 and ending June 1. Salary payments of a part-time faculty member in the School of Medicine are paid according to the same schedule as a full-time faculty member in that school.

Salary payments to a visiting faculty member normally follow the same schedule as full-time faculty with the exception that a visitor whose appointment does not extend through the summer months may be paid on the same schedule as a part-time faculty member.

Payment for Summer Months

In addition to the academic year salary, faculty members appointed on a nine-month basis may receive up to three additional months of summer compensation from NYU-administered sources (e.g. from federal on non-federal research grants). The maximum monthly salary from such sources is one-ninth of the academic year salary.

Payment for teaching in the summer intersession, whether paid as additional compensation to regular full-time officers of instruction or to visiting or part-time personnel, is normally made on one or more of the following dates, depending on the duration of the assignment: July 1,
August 1, September 1.

Deductions From Salary

Deductions from the salary check are made by the Controller’s Division for federal, New York State, and New York City income taxes; Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax as specified by law; and annuity, group insurance, disability income protection plan, dental plan, and hospitalization and surgical-medical insurance premiums in accordance with individual requirements. Part-time members of the instructional staff, and such essentially temporary appointees as teaching fellows, graduate assistants, and the like, are ordinarily ineligible for annuity, group insurance, or hospitalization benefits. Cases to the contrary are subject to review and decision by the administration.

The University cooperates with the United States Treasury in arranging for the regular purchase of savings bonds under the Payroll Deduction Plan.

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