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Faculty Handbook

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The Faculty Handbook is a guide to the faculty and is designed to present in a convenient form general information about New York University, and some of the more important University policies and practices as they apply to the faculty of the University. The Handbook has been compiled from a number of sources. Some parts quote those formulations that have a controlling effect throughout the University, such as the Charter granted by New York State, the University’s Bylaws, and various policy statements and procedures formally adopted by the Board of Trustees. A careful attempt has been made to set forth such passages in a way that will prevent their being confused with those statements that merely describe practices that have evolved or have been adopted administratively over the years. Matters that have a controlling effect are subject to reasonable interpretation by the officers charged by the Bylaws with that responsibility, but can be changed only by action of the body or bodies that enacted them. Matters not in this category may be modified by administrative action from time to time as may prove advisable.

The policies included and referenced in the Handbook form part of the essential employment understandings between members of the faculty and the University. Other University policies and guidelines are available here. In addition, schools, including institutes and colleges for this purpose, and units have additional policies. For example, school statements on faculty appointment policies and procedures, particularly those concerning promotion and tenure criteria and review procedures, supplement policies outlined in this Faculty Handbook. The Handbook is meant to inform and serve members of the University Community.

As of spring 2012, the Faculty Handbook is available in a digital searchable format, thus enhancing access and usability. The text of the Handbook on the Web includes automatic links to University policies and resources available on NYU Web sites. Readers can navigate through the HTML version by clicking on an item in the Table of Contents, or access and print the Handbook as a PDF document by clicking on the right.

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