Academic Planning for the Global Sites

Academic planning for the Global Sites is part of the regular academic and enrollment planning that takes place in New York schools and departments and at NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai. Academic planning is coordinated by the Provost's Office working with deans and departments in New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai. The planning is on a multi-year horizon, includes undergraduate as well as graduate and professional programs, and covers all terms in the academic calendar. Schools and departments can establish academic partnerships with particular Global Sites that involve developing global majors or minors, special global tracks, or visible curricular pathways in existing majors/minors. Portal campuses, schools, and departments that partner with a Global Site are involved in hiring Global Site faculty. The Office of Global Programs works very closely with global school liaisons who focus on global academic programming inside their schools.

Curricular pathways at the Sites can be viewed at the Global Study Planner. Faculty are encouraged to use this new resource in advising students about coordinated courses of study at the Global Sites.

Site Visits

Short-term visits

Short-term visits to the Global Sites that are related to developing and maintaining programs and courses are available to New York faculty; similarly, Global Site faculty working closely with a department or school in New York may also have opportunities to visit New York. New York departments and programs with partnerships and affiliations with Global Sites have the opportunity to identify faculty with relevant expertise to carry out these brief site visits to develop curricular pathways, meet with local faculty, and the like. Applications for short-term visits (link requires NYU NetID login) require sign-off from the department chair or equivalent and the global school liaison, working closely with the Office of Global Programs.

Global Research Initiative at the Global Sites

The Provost's Global Research Initiative (GRI) program provides research opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, organizes dissertation workshops for doctoral students, and provides funding for workshops, colloquia, and conferences at the Global Sites.

Faculty Engagement

See the June 15, 2015 memo, Update on Faculty Engagement and Academic Development at the Global Sites from Linda G. Mills, Vice Chancellor for Global Programs and University Life, and Matthew S. Santirocco, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Visiting and Teaching at the Global Sites