Coordinated Faculty Appointments in New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai

The processes for searching, hiring, and tenuring faculty at the portal campuses embody University "Both/And Decision Making" principles that coordinate tenured and tenure track appointments and ensure appropriate input by the NYU leadership together with senior leadership in NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai.

Given the substantial financial investment for research space and equipment associated with faculty hiring in science and technology, the Provost's Council on Science and Technology was established in 2011 to facilitate and strengthen a university-wide process for strategic planning and tactical implementation in science and engineering at NYU, particularly in coordinated faculty hiring across its global network.

Joint Professorships Between Portals

Joint professorships between portals can be helpful in recruiting distinguished senior faculty to NYU. Normally, these appointments are between a New York academic unit and either NYU Abu Dhabi or NYU Shanghai, but such appointments can also be between NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai. The split of time and responsibilities can be flexible to meet the needs of the faculty member and the two campuses. Splits other than 50%/50% are possible as are appointments that allow the faculty member to be in residence full time at one campus for an initial number of years followed by an appointment full time at the other campus. Appointments of joint professors to tenured positions must go through the standard tenure processes at the campuses at which the faculty member is to have tenure

NYU New York is home to distinguished faculty who work in fields that are particularly good matches with the curricular and research profiles of NYU Shanghai and NYU Abu Dhabi. Where mutually desirable, current NYU New York faculty may have their 100% New York appointments converted into joint appointments with Abu Dhabi or Shanghai subject to approval by their deans and Abu Dhabi/Shanghai. The changes can be permanent or for a set number of years. The freed up portion of the New York line will be available to the faculty person's home department or program to use for other purposes, for example, a new entry level faculty position or “fast forwarding” an expected retirement line, additional graduate support, teaching post docs, etc.

The costs of these joint appointments (salary, benefits, research needs, etc.) are divided between the two campuses by prior agreement, with each campus taking primary responsibility for costs incurred when the faculty member is in residence at that campus.

Global Network Professor Title

As of September 1, 2015, the University is introducing a new faculty title, Global Network Professor, which clearly identifies full-time members of a faculty at one campus as participants in the research and teaching activities at a second campus, and clarifies their roles and responsibilities. The title was first proposed by the Faculty Advisory Committee on NYU’s Global Network in its June 2014 report, was supported by the Global Network University Committee (jointly convened by the Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty Senators Council and the Full-Time Non-Tenure Track/Contract Faculty Senators Council, now the Full-Time Continuing Contract Faculty Senators Council), and was authorized by the academic leadership of the campuses at University Common Days in May 2015.

Global Network Professor will be conferred as an additional title upon all full-time tenured/tenure track faculty, Arts Professors, and Music Professors at NYUAD and NYUSH. This title may also be offered to other select full-time non-tenure track/contract faculty at NYUAD and NYUSH, upon the recommendation of the provost of the particular campus and with the consent of the New York school/department. The New York unit that confers the title participates in the appointment, third-year, tenure, and promotion review of the tenured/tenure track faculty member (for Arts and Music professors, appointment, reappointment and promotion review) at their home campus. For NYUAD and NYUSH faculty, Global Network Faculty status confers eligibility to teach and mentor graduate students in New York, with the New York department making specific assignments in accordance with its own policies. The title does not confer rights or obligations, either upon the faculty member or the New York unit, with respect to tenure or department governance in the New York unit.

Global Network Professor may also be offered as an additional title to select tenured/tenure track faculty members, Arts Professors, and Music Professors based in New York who have deep sustained and continuing commitments at NYUAD and/or NYUSH as 'affiliated faculty.' The recommendation to confer the title is initiated by the provost at NYUAD and/or NYUSH, must be endorsed by the school and department in New York, and is conferred at the consent of the individual faculty member. NYUAD and NYUSH are not involved in promotion, reappointment, and tenure review processes of these faculty in New York. New York-based Global Network Professors are eligible to participate in the faculty governance of NYUAD/NYUSH in accordance with the eligibility provisions of each respective campus.

The Global Network Professor title can be held concurrently with additional cross appointments across the global network.

For additional information and to process Global Network Professor appointments, see the Office of Academic Appointments

Coordinated Faculty Hiring