Looking to sublet your apartment? Please review the below policy and procedure.

Our Subletting Policy

Below please find NYU's Office of Faculty Housing Subletting Policy.

  1.  The Sublet Service is courtesy to faculty members on approved leave or sabbatical or during University break.
  2. The Office of Faculty Housing must grant written or emailed permission to sublet.
  3. The Office of Faculty Housing only accepts sublets for apartments that are owned and managed by the University.
  4. Current residents and occupants of Faculty Housing are not permitted to sublease as a subtenant an alternative apartment within Faculty Housing.
  5. Any assignment or sublease without the University’s consent is null and void and gives New York University the right to terminate the lease.
  6. Sublets must be a minimum of 30 days with a maximum of 1 year.
  7. Those on Global Assignment for more than two years are expected to relinquish their Washington Square housing to be accommodated upon their return to New York in an apartment adequate to their family size at that time. Please reach out to facultyhousing.office@nyu.edu when you have a return date.
  8. The premise is for residential purposes only.
  9. A faculty member requesting permission to sublet during an approved leave of absence or sabbatical must have the Department Chair / Dean / Director complete and sign the Sublet Approval Form. The Sublet Approval Form is not required during summer or winter intersession.
  10. The Office of Faculty Housing is an internal department for New York University. Resources pertain only to NYU’s subletting policy within the Faculty Housing portfolio.
  11. The Overtenant must have a current and signed lease on file with Faculty Housing in order to sublet their apartment.
  12. The maximum rate to be charged is your base monthly rent according to your lease agreement, not including utilities, garage fees, capital improvements, etc. If your apartment is fully furnished, you may charge an additional rent amount not to exceed ten percent of the rent you are paying under your lease.
  13. The sublease agreement is a legal agreement between the Subtenant and the Overtenant. It is not a contractual agreement with New York University. Any concerns regarding the sublease must be brought to the attention of the Overtenant.
  14. The University is not responsible for the condition of the apartment once returned to the Overtenant. Any damages or renovations to the apartment by the Subtenant are the responsibility of the Overtenant and the Subtenant.
  15. The Subtenant selection process is the responsibility of the Overtenant.
  16. The Overtenant is responsible for advising the Subtenant regarding the buildings policies and procedures, including trash & recycling, the use of terraces, lobbies and other corridor halls.
  17. Subtenants are not permitted to sublet two apartments at the same time.
  18. Key lock boxes are not permitted.