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How the NYU Retiree Medical Plan Coordinates with Medicare Benefits

If you enroll in the NYU Retiree Medical Plan, as soon as you and/or your covered dependent(s) become eligible for Medicare (usually at age 65), Medicare will be the primary plan (pays first) and the NYU Retiree Medical Plan will be the secondary plan. This means that the NYU plan will generally only pay your medical claims after Medicare has paid its benefit. If you and/or your covered dependent(s) are eligible but have not enrolled for Medicare or
refused its coverage, the NYU plan still bases its payment on what Medicare would have paid on your behalf. This is why it is so important to enroll in Medicare benefits immediately upon eligibility. Click the chart below for a printable PDF with additional details. A downloadable guide (PDF) published by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services, Department of Health and Human Services is an additional suggested resource.