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Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Student Services (LGBT)
LGBT offers advising, advocacy, career networking, counseling and referrals, education and training, event sponsorship, leadership development and weekly discussion groups for members of the LGBT community at

Carol Heiss

In 1960, NYU undergraduate Carol Heiss won the first gold of only three first-place medals for the United States at the 1960 Winter Olympic Games. Upon her return to New York City, the sophomore English major was greeted by a ticker tape parade on Broadway, attracting a crowd of 250,000 people.

Africa House

Africa House is the intellectual center for NYU students and faculty who are studying Africa and its diaspora. It is also a meeting place for people in the New York City metropolitan area who have a personal or professional interest in Africa and its diaspora, providing a venue for visiting African dignitaries, leaders, cultural figures, and academics who are visiting the city. Additionally, it is the administrative home for many of the University's academic initiatives on the study of Africa.

Asian/Pacific/American Institute

The A/P/A Institute incorporates the ideas of the academic Asian/Pacific/American Studies program and local, national and international affairs into public events and symposia for the larger NYU and NYC communities - bringing together accomplished scholars, community builders and artists from New York City and beyond, in interactive forums, reflection and new research.

Center for Japan-U.S. Business and Economic Studies

The mission of the Center is to provide the Stern School of Business, the wider NYU community, and the public with information and analysis of the Japanese economy, U.S.-Japan economic relations, and broader East Asian economic issues. The Center sponsors conferences, panel discussions, and individual speakers on these topics during the academic year, and also supports academic research.

Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò

The programs of Casa Italiana deal with literature, cinema and political and social reflection, all topics upon which Italy has for centuries founded its reputation and international prestige. Casa Italiana also seeks to link the discourse on modernity to that of tradition, through the discussion of economic, ethical and juridical themes.

Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality (CSGS)

CSGS facilitates a broad interdisciplinary investigation of gender and sexuality as keys to understanding human experience. CSGS organizes events throughout the academic year, including seminars, panel discussions, film screenings, and conferences.

China House

New York University China House seeks to seize upon the enormous intellectual and scholarly potential that lies in modern China and to advance the study of the dynamic changes taking place in China through joint dialogue and research. China House offers research grants, fellowship programs, doctoral scholarships, and a visiting scholars program that encompass the humanities, social sciences, law, business, natural sciences and medical sciences.

Deutsches Haus

Deutsches Haus is designed to create a bridge between contemporary Germany and the US through programs directed at a wide audience and attempts to mediate between academia and the general public. Conferences, workshops and lectures attract not only students and professors from all disciplines but also members of the surrounding community whose intellectual curiosity inspires them to learn more about German-speaking countries, their relationship to the USA and the changing world.

The Development Research Institute

Located within the Faculty of Arts and Science, The Development Research Institute is devoted to research on the economic development and growth of poor countries. The Institute includes both macroeconomic and microeconomic research, and both theory and empirics, and is devoted to high standards of research, including publication in peer reviewed journals, scientific methodology, and creative and skeptical inquiry.

The Goldstein-Goren Center for American Jewish History

Made possible through the support of the Cukier Goldstein-Goren Foundation, the center is dedicated to the study of the mutual impact of the United States and the Jewish people. The center sponsors scholarly conferences and publications that explore some of the key areas of American history and their points of engagement with the Jews who lived in the United States and elsewhere.

Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies

The Kevorkian Center's activities focus on the histories, politics, economies, religions, cultures and languages of the area stretching from North Africa to Central Asia. The Center organizes research workshops, luncheon seminars and other forums to encourage new perspectives on the Middle East and foster exploration of interactions and parallels with other world regions, showcasing new research by scholars and fostering discussion of current events and policy issues relating to the Middle East.

The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics

The Hemispheric Institute is a consortium of institutions, artists, scholars, and activists dedicated to exploring the relationship between expressive behavior (broadly construed as performance) and social and political life in the Americas. The Institute is supported by the Department of Performance Studies at the Tisch School of the Arts.

Institute of African-American Affairs

The Institute of African-American Affairs at New York University was founded to research, document, and celebrate the cultural and intellectual production of Africa and its diaspora in the Atlantic world and beyond. The Institute is affiliated and shares leadership, staff, and facilities with NYU's Africana Studies Program, both committed to the study of Blacks in modernity through concentrations in Pan-Africanism and Black Urban Studies.

Institute on the Arts and Civic Dialogue

The Institute on the Arts and Civic Dialogue grew out of a perceived need for imaginative ways to convene conversations on social issues. Through its focus on the spoken, written, and performance art which responds to today's political and social conditions, the Institute seeks to initiate healthy and vibrant debate between artists, scholars, and activists.

Ireland House

Glucksman Ireland House provides access to Irish and Irish-American culture and fosters excellence in the study of Ireland, Irish America, and the global Irish Diaspora, serving as a research center in these areas. Ireland House also presents a weekly public events series during the academic year, as well as a monthly traditional Irish music series, and other various events.

King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center

The King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center promotes research and teaching on Spain and the Spanish-speaking world at the University, and presents programs for a general audience that highlight the history, politics and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. The center seeks to support NYU students and faculty in the study of the Hispanic world and provide an intellectual home for US scholars interested in the Spanish-speaking world.

La Maison Française

Widely regarded as the most active center of French-American cultural and intellectual exchange to be found on any American campus, the program of activities of La Maison Française covers a broad spectrum of subjects and opinion and focus on diverse aspects of French and Francophone civilization and culture in historical as well as contemporary perspectives. These activities include lectures, symposia, conferences, panel discussions, film and video screenings, art exhibits, concerts, theater productions, and special presentations.

Remarque Institute

The Remarque Institute supports and promotes the study and discussion of contemporary Europe, and to encourage and facilitate communication between Americans and Europeans, treating the European continent as a whole and works to disseminate understanding and awareness of all its constituent parts. The Institute offers fellowships, workshops, lectures, and forums dedicated to discuss broad topics of common interest in European/US Affairs.

The Taub Center for Israel Studies

The Taub Center is a part of the Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies at NYU's Faculty of Arts and Science. It was founded to advance the study of Modern Israel: its recent history, society and politics, together with the history of the Zionist movement and the Yishuv. The Center offers doctoral fellowships, graduate workshops, and a visiting speaker series.