NYU is committed to providing high-quality family care resources for faculty and administrators with children. At Work Life, we have an on-site childcare expert that can help you navigate a variety of different issues, from back-up care to family leave policies to the city’s high-school admissions process. Our website will also connect you to information, benefits, resources, and activities offered by a variety of NYU offices, departments, and schools.

Parenting at NYU newsletter

Work Life recently launched a "Parenting at NYU" newsletter, where we will highlight university happenings, feature recommended reading, and share tips and resources, all in hopes of inviting dialogue and creating connections among the parent community at NYU. Read our first issue here, and be sure to subscribe to receive future newsletters!

Working Mothers Support Group

Started in 2015, the Working Mothers Support Group aims to create a community of support where working mom administrators and staff can share resources and knowledge to make life a little easier. If you're interested in joining, please register here.

Mothers of Color Support Group

The Mothers of Color Support Group is a forum for working mothers of color at NYU to share their experiences at the university and discuss topics specific to women of color, their partners, and their children. If you're interested in joining, please register here.

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