Website uses the standards and guidelines in the University Identity and Style Guide as the platform for the design and management of  We recommend that anyone building or designing websites for familiarize themselves with these styles and guidelines as well as the information and best practices included here.

The 2010 Redesign

In 2010, a new design and CMS (content management system) were launched for the main New York University website. An ongoing effort is being made to bring the entire University and its central administrative units into compliance with the new standards.

If you have questions concerning your website and the timeline for its scheduled completion, please e-mail

New York University homepage redesign

Through rich, evocative content and clear intuitive navigation, the redesign of the homepage allows users to easily and quickly get to exactly the information they need.

NYU School websites

A school's website is designed to showcase its unique culture and personality, while at the same time highlighting a clear connection to New York University.

School websites include elements and styles found outside this guide, but recommendations made here are hopefully universal. Basics

  • is designed to fit a browser/screen width of 960 pixels (px) wide.
  • Content on the page can continue indefinitely in length, but best practices recommend keeping this length to no more than three scrollable pages.