Layout, typography, photography, and editorial content work together to communicate the style and tone of New York University's visual identity and reflect the core values of the University.  Below are examples and contact information for questions.

Special Note: To produce the most effective communications and have the greatest impact, it's recommended that a department hire a professional graphic designer to create its materials.

In general, the following recommendations should be considered when designing print and online communications. The design of NYU communications reflect on the reputation of the University.

  • Simple Layouts
    Complex layouts are harder to read, scan, and analyze. Layouts that are clutter free are more professional and allow the reader to understand quickly the key benefits and call to action of the communications
  • Information Hierarchy
    Using composition, scale, typography, and images, you can design layouts that help the reader navigate the page from most important to least important information.
  • Use of White Space
    Too often we cover every inch of a page with text. This results in publications that are intimidating and difficult to read. White space is essential to readability. It makes the various elements stand out.
  • NYU Visual Identity
    The use of the NYU logo and the color violet speak volumes about your communication. It gives visual clues to the reader as to whom the communication is coming from, how important it is, and how much attention they should give it. Please have a look at the Logo Basics Guide for recommended usage.


For questions concerning photos or stock images, please contact the NYU Photo Bureau.


Gotham is the only font used in the logo and all secondary-level logotypes. It can be used in conjunction with other fonts but should be the primary font for units within the central administration of NYU. As a machine font default, Arial is recommended for letters and HTML docs.

The Gotham type font family can be purchased directly from the type foundry, Hoefler & Frere-Jones, online at At this time the University does not have an institutional license.


The following attributes contributed to the selection of Gotham as NYU's primary font:

        In and of the City: Vernacular sans serif designed in Greenwich Village

        Influence: Architectural and commercial signage in New York City

        Modern: Strikes a contemporary and forthright tone

        Clear and Optimistic: Suggests the energy and exuberance of NYU and NYC

        Versatile: Offers a range of weights and styles for a variety of messages


Editorial Style

For information on capitalization, punctuation, and abbreviation, please see The Chicago Manual of Style, the University's standard reference. For spelling, word division, and helpful usage notes, refer to Merriam-Webster's Online.

In addition, we are glad to answer your specific questions at