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Short Logo
Contemporary and versatile, the NYU short logo is central to our university-wide visual identity and is used in the majority of central administration communications.  

Long Logo
The long logo is used for outside audiences where the full name adds additional information. It is also used when the communications would benefit from a more formal approach.

Stacked Logo
The stacked logo works well in small spaces and in large applications, like the flags you see on our buildings.

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>Logo Key and File Usage Guide PDF (395 KB)


Three Versions of the NYU Logo



Letterhead Templates

Short logo versions: New university-wide visual identity
Long logo versions: More formal traditional logo

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Letterhead Examples

Offset Printed Letterhead Available Online

Color on office printers is inconsistent and will never match the NYU Violet (PMS 2597) branding color. For best results, buy color letterhead through the online i-Buy Marketplace and then imprint the color letterhead by feeding it through the black-and-white laser printer.  

Flyer Templates

- Multi-topic with sidebar
- Single event
- Word and InDesign formats

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Flyer Examples

Report Templates

- Single column
- Two column
- Word and InDesign formats

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Report Examples


Newsletter Template 1: Mercury Body

- Adobe InDesign
- Stylesheets
- Seven pages

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Newsletter 1: Mercury Text Image

Newsletter Template 2: Gotham Body

- Adobe InDesign
- Stylesheets
- Seven pages

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Newsletter 2: Gotham Text



Presentation Templates: MS PowerPoint and Apple Keynote

- Four designs
- PowerPoint and Keynote

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Powerpoint Images



Color Palettes

Units are free to develop their own color palettes or select one from the following examples available to download:

>Download PDF (82 KB)
>Download Zip (1.8 MB Illustrator EPS)

Palette Examples

Photo Galleries

The NYU Photo Bureau offers photographic services to the NYU community, including portrait sessions, organizing photo shoots for events, copyright/licensing, stock photo purchases, and photo archiving. When using photos from the photo galleries below, please provide photo credits. The following links are to the Google Drive folders that contain the photo galleries. (Net ID is required)

>Historical Gallery
>Student Life

Gallery Images



Create Your Own or Select a Ready-Made Profile Images

- 20 Ready-made PNG files
- 500 pixels x 500 pixels
- Transparent overlay is also in the folder
- Net ID required

>Gallery of Ready-Made Profile Images

Profile Image Sampler


Creative Brief image


The Creative Brief covers the basic questions a unit should ask before starting a project.

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Video Bug Promo Image

To promote an official NYU video, we allow units to use a transparent logo in the upper right or lower right corner of the video. We have two formats available for download, depending on your needs:  

Full video frame: 1980x1080_bug.png
Just the bug itself: 120x124cropped_bug.png

>Video Bug Zip (8.3 MB)