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Technical Specifications

Currently, the web environment is run in a load-balanced pool of Linux servers. A 2TB file system is mounted from a clustered NFS server. We run the Apache webserver, version 2.2.15.

On the non-CMS server, we have the capacity to enable our webmasters for cgiwrap to run scripts using Perl as well as PHP (after a review of their project proposal). We can provide access to a MySQL database and web-based access through PHPMyAdmin. Please note, however, installations of php-based CMS applications (e.g. Drupal, Joomla), bulletin board, wiki or blog software (e.g. PMWiki, Mediawiki, Wordpress, etc.) are not permitted. SSI and SSL can be used. SCP may be used to transfer files as well as SFTP. Note, we do not support regular FTP, only SFTP.

Installed Software

Apache 2.2.15
MySQL 5.0.51
Perl 5.10.1
PHP* 5.3.3

* Our version of PHP is "locked-down" for security purposes using Suhosin, an advanced protection system for PHP installations. We don't display any error messages, register_globals is turned off, and file uploads via the $_FILES[] global array are disabled.

We cannot provide access to the main error logs.

Microsoft FrontPage software attempts to provide CGI functionality through the use of "extensions", which must be installed on a Web server. The extensions are insecure and can be exploited to hijack, or otherwise compromise the performance and data-integrity of the server. For this reason, FrontPage extensions are not available on the NYU Web server.

Need Assistance?

Many of the resources in this guide are specific to the main (non-CMS) NYU Web server,, accessed through an account on the machine. If you have questions about a site that is not on this server, please contact your school's webmaster or write to for more information.

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Web Server Hosting

NYU schools, departments, or project groups who wish to create websites that incorporate third-party, application-based functionality, or who require specific server configuration changes that cannot be accommodated on the enterprise web server, may be interested in contracting with ITS for a Web Hosting Server Level Agreement (SLA), a fee-based service.

For more information, visit our Services section.

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