Current affiliates of NYU have opportunities to create web pages. Look through the options below to find the scenario that best fits your situation and we will help you get started.

Creating Personal Web Pages

  • NYU Sites
    NYU provides a free collaborative space for Web content creation that is easy to use, update, access and share via NYU Sites, part of NYU Google Apps for Education. The service can be accessed via NYUHome or directly at Read more »
  • Web Publishing Service
    NYU faculty, staff, and degree students with current and active NetIDs and NYU Home accounts may access Web Publishing. Alumni and other affiliated members of the NYU community are not eligible for this Service. Visit for more information.

Creating Faculty Web Pages

NYU IT offers various services that may meet a faculty member's needs for class-related or research-related projects:

  • NYU Classes
    The NYU Classes learning management system enables NYU faculty to use web-based collaborative and assessment technologies to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Read more »
  • NYU Faculty website at
    Faculty members may use NYU Web ( as a tool for the classes they teach or to showcase large-scale personal research projects. Read more »
  • NYU Wikis
    NYU Wikis is a web-based collaborative tool that faculty and students can use to create and manage private and public content for research, instruction, and University-related activity. Read more »
  • Web Publishing Service
    NYU faculty may find the Web Publishing Service an easy way to create personal, research, or class web sites. Visit for more information.

Creating Web Pages for NYU School Departments, Programs or Offices

  • School Websites
    Every school at NYU has its own web presence. Should you need access to a department or program web page on your school's site, make sure to check with your school's webmaster. A list of school webmaster email addresses is available on our Resources page.
  • Web Publishing Service
    NYU departments and programs may find the Web Publishing Service an easy way to create web sites for various internal resources. Visit for more information. Note, you may need the approval of your school's webmaster should you wish to create a page outside of your school's main web presence.

Creating Web Pages for NYU Central Administrative Units

Central administrative units maintain their web sites in the university CMS. Full-time faculty and staff, and full-time enrolled students (Graduate Assistant students who have received approval from the authorized web content approver for the specific content area on which the student has been contracted to work) may request access to the CMS using an online application.

Please visit the CMS Training and Support section for more information about access and eligibility.

Creating Web Pages for an NYU Student Organization

All-Square Clubs are required to use websites created within the OrgSync environment. For more information, contact the Center for Student Activities, Leadership, and Service (CSALS) Webmaster at:

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NYU faculty, staff, and degree students with current and active NetIDs and NYU Home accounts may manage web pages.

Non-NYU affiliates (e.g., web consultants) must be sponsored for access by the full-time faculty or staff member who has primary responsibility for the site.

Affiliates must be assigned an NYU NetID, as per the instructions on the New NetID Assignment page. Once the NetID is obtained and the individual is authorized by the NYU Web Team, the non-NYU affiliate will be eligible to apply for access.

Note: Many of the resources in this guide are specific to the main (non-CMS) NYU web server,, accessed through an account on the machine. If you have questions about a site that is not on this server, please contact your school's webmaster or write to the Web Team.