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NYU Web Guide

New York University's web presence is one of the critical ways we present ourselves to the world, and it is a crucial tool for communicating with our audiences, both internal and external.

The web has emerged as a medium with a decentralized nature. For the most part, this is one of its great strengths, bringing creativity, diversity, and energy to users. For institutions like NYU, it is also a challenge: how to respect that fundamental character while at the same time maintaining a web presence that reinforces the University's identity.

As NYU competes for the best students, faculty, and staff across the globe, it has become increasingly important to express one clear and consistent visual identity. Consistent use of the University's visual identity adds to each unit's value while reinforcing the collective value of the institution.

We offer, as you build your web presence at NYU, this guide to services and resources.


Section Topics

Getting Started

What type of website do you want to create?

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Your account, security, technical, and design questions answered.

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Important addresses and websites for your reference.

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Tech specs, services, and tutorials.

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Style Guide

Guidelines for expressing a clear and consistent visual identity.

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Your responsibilities and rights.

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Need Assistance?

Many of the resources in this guide are specific to the main (non-CMS) NYU Web server,, accessed through an account on the machine. If you have questions about a site that is not on this server, please contact your school's webmaster or write to for more information.

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Need an i4 Account?

NYU Webmasters Discussion Forum

To subscribe to the NYU Webmasters discussion forum, visit the Google Groups page at:

Note: This is a private forum for official NYU Webmasters and all membership requests must first be approved.

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