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Using Your Calendar Group's Event URL

Every individual added to the Events Calendar is placed into a Calendar Group. Events you add are added on behalf of that Group. The main calendar view at is an aggregate of all events across NYU.

To get a list of just your Calendar Group's events, you will need to know your Calendar Group's name.

To find your Calendar Group's name:

Example of Default Calendar Group

When you log into the Events Calendar, you'll be placed into your default Calendar Group, and see a list of all its associated events. You can see your default Calendar Group referenced next to the Logged in as [your name] at the top of the screen.

Creating the URL:

Once you know your Calendar Group's name, you can use a URL in the form of:[your-calendar-group-name]

For example, if your Calendar Group's name is 'Ticket-Central", your custom Calendar Group's URL would be:



Link on Individual Event Page:

Note, when a site viewer visits the page of an individual event your Calendar Group has added, they are able to click on the link with your Group's name (underneath our "Share" icons on the right-hand side) which will link them to a page with only your Group's events.

In addition, the NYU Events Calendar has an enhanced search function which allows our site viewers to search by the name of a group, a specific tag, a category, or a word/phrase.

Example of Calendar Group's Link

Calendar Group Example:

Here's an example of a page containing only the events entered by the NYU Health Center Calendar Group. The URL used is:

Example of Aggregate of 1 Calendar Group's Events
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