Adding a New Place

When you add a Place to an event, LiveWhale Calendar automatically puts it on a map so people can find it more easily.  The map will appear on the event's public listing and be accessible by site visitors.

If your location isn't in our global Places Library, add your own location data to your Calendar Group's Places Library.

  1. Click the Places link next to Libraries: on the upper right-hand side.
  2. Click the Add a new place button.
  3. In the space provided, Enter a title for this place. For example, Astor Place 5th Floor Conference Room.
  4. For the Location, type in the New address for the place. For example, 10 Astor Place, New York, NY 10003 , then click the Find button to locate the address on a map. If there is another entry for your location, you may need to confirm which address is correct.
  5. Once your address is entered, a map will appear on the page. If the location isn't quite right, drag the pin to adjust the exact location of your place.
  6. For Keywords, you may optionally enter in terms that may be used to alternately describe this location. For example, if the place has a popular alternative name. e.g., ITS Conference Room - 501
  7. Once you've confirmed your entered information, click the Save this place button to save the new location.
Places Library

The new Place will be added to your Calendar Group's Places Library.