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Attaching an Image to an Event

1. In the Add Event screen, under the section labeled Images you may attach images to your event. Images may be uploaded from your local computer, or may be added from the global Image Library or your Calendar Group's Image Library.

Attach an Image

2. To upload from your local computer, click the button to Add images from your computer. The image should be saved as a JPG and should be 546 pixels wide by 404 pixels high.

3. Select the image, click upload, and before the image is uploaded to the server, a window will pop-up confirming whether you want to Add Files to Library. You can optionally add a caption for the image, and/or a photo credit.

4. If you choose the Select from your image library option, from the window that pops up, put a check mark next to the image you wish to use. Then, click the Save changes button.

5. Once an image has been attached to your event, you can customize the thumbnail image that will be shown next to your event on the main public event listing. To do so, under the image section on the event, click the Use this image for this event's thumbnail button. Select the portion of the image from which you wish to generate the thumbnail and click Use This Thumbnail.

Tip: If you select several images to attach to an event, they'll display in your event listing as a slideshow.

Don't Steal Things

If you are adding an image to your event, make sure you have all of the rights and permissions to use the image. Images pulled from the web through search engines or from news sources should not be used unless you have explicit written permission.

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