Restoring an Earlier Revision of an Event

LiveWhale will keep up to 15 versions of your event in its database.  This is helpful if you've added information to an older instance of the event that you need to reuse, or want to restore.

1. In the Your Events screen, from the list of your events, find the event you wish to edit and click its title link.

2. Find and click the link labeled Restore an earlier version above the status menu near the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Restore Version

3. Choose the revision you wish to restore by selecting its date and time from the dropdown menu labeled Choose a revision… then click the Load revision button. The first name of the Calendar Group member who edited/saved the last version of the event will be displayed next to the version's timestamp.

Load Revision

4. The content from the chosen revision will be loaded into the fields on the event page.

5. You may now make any modifications necessary to the event's content.

6. When done, click the Save button to save your changes.