Managing Events

Manage Your Events

When you log into the LiveWhale application, you'll be placed into the Your Events screen.

A list of your events is displayed by default when you log in.

Note: If you are a member of more than one Calendar Group, you can switch into that group by hovering over your name in the upper right-hand corner, and then clicking the Switch groups: option. Select the appropriate group name from the drop-down menu.

The Your Events screen:

Example of Event Listing

From left to right, each event displays:

  • A checkbox allowing you to select multiple events and perform bulk actions from the With checked items… dropdown menu. Available actions include: Delete, Remove All Tags, Share, Unshare, Set status, Add category and Add tag. Check the checkbox next to the events to which you wish to apply an action, then select the desired action from this menu and click the Go button. Use the Select all link to select all items in the list.
  • The status menu. If you wish to change the status of events, select the appropriate status here. Live will publish the event immediately, Hidden will hide the item from the public calendar until you are ready to publish it. Think of Hidden as a "draft" state.
  • The associated image for the event, if you've added one.
  • The Event Title. Click the title to edit the event.
  • Beneath the event is its Date.
  • If the event is tagged, a list of these Tags will appear beside the tag icon.
  • The Event types: (category) assigned to the event will be displayed.
  • Use the Preview link to preview the event as it will appear on the public calendar website.
  • If an event is a link to an external page, it will display a small link icon before the title. If the link appears to be broken, the link will display broken and highlighted in red.
  • If the event repeats, it will display a small repeating event icon before the title of each event instance in the series.
  • When certain elements are modified (such as event status), a message saying Your changes to this page have not been saved will be displayed. Click the Save these Changes button to save the changes you have made.
Save an Edited Event