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Best Practices for Adding and Using Tags

Tags are tough. People want to tag everything, and tag it a lot. Every tag you add can dilute the success of finding your event, so choose wisely.

Do not over-tag your event with tags that aren't relevant. Most importantly, do NOT use irrelevant tags.

Some rules for tagging:

  • Enter tags or keywords that are specific and descriptive.
  • Remember to use important words from your descriptions as tags.
  • Don't enter tags or keywords that have nothing to do with your event. This is Tag Spam or Inappropriate Tagging.
  • Don't enter plurals and all verb tenses such as cats/cats and run/running.
  • Don't enter the same word multiple times.

Tags are metadata that helps other people find your content using search engines. We follow the latest web standards, which means we use lower case tags consistently whenever tagging content.

So, an example of correctly added Tags:


Incorrectly added Tags:

Academy     [leading capital letter]
ABSTRACT   [all capital letters]
pIano          [cAmel-case]


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