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How to Add a Tag

Some useful and popular Tags have been pre-populated into the LiveWhale application. However, if a Tag is not in the global Tags Library, you can enter a new Tag on a per-event basis, or directly to your Calendar Group's Tag Library.

Enter a Tag Within a Single Event

  1. From within the Add/Edit an Event find the Tags area.
  2. Type your new Tag into the space provide, then type a comma (,) and hit the return key after you enter each Tag.
  3. Each Tag you enter will be saved to your Calendar Group's Tag Library for re-use.

Enter a Tag Directly into your Calendar Group's Tag Library:

  1. Click the Tags link next to Libraries: on the upper right-hand side.
  2. Click the Add a new tag button.
  3. In the space provided, enter your new tag.
  4. Click the Save tag button to add your tag.
  5. You may click the star next to the tag to indicate the tag as important.


Enter your Tag in the Add/Edit an Event screen:

Single Event tag

Enter your Tag into your Calendar Group's Tag Library:

Tag Library

Tags already entered into the global Tag Library are gray-ed out.  Your Tags will appear in bold. In this example, the Tags abstract and academy are Calendar Group Tags.  The rest are Tags in the global Tag Library.

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