Event Types and Tags

Event Type (Category)

An Event Type (Category) is a broad classification of a topic. By assigning one or more event types to your event, you allow our site visitors to quickly identify a listing of a particular type of event. At least one event type is required per event. Our event types are: Arts, Athletics, Conferences - Symposia, Dates - Deadlines, Free Food, Open to the Public, Programs, and Speakers.


A Tag is a label that further defines content using simple keywords. You can use Tags to assign additional classification to your event. Site visitors will be able to search on popular Tags to surface events based on their particular interest.

Some useful and popular Tags have been pre-populated and associated with Event Types (e.g., the Tags film and live comedy are associated with the Arts event type). Those Tags will be suggested to you as create an Event and are also viewable in your Group's Tag Library.

If a Tag is not already in your Group's Tag Library, you can enter a new Tag and it will be added to your Group's Tag Library.

When you select an Event Type, some useful and popular Tags will be suggested to you as you create an event.

Event types and Tags