Requesting Accounts for New Calendar Group Members

Requests to add new Calendar Group members must be submitted via email to:

The request must be submitted by a current Calendar Group member on behalf of the new Calendar Group member. 

New Requests Must Include:

  • New Group Member's Name
  • NYU NetID
  • Name of Calendar Group(s) for access


As per our Terms of Use:

Pending approval, full-time NYU administrative staff with active NetIDs and NYUHome accounts who have primary responsibility for managing event information for their school, department, or program may be provided with access to the Events Calendar administrator utility.

Access for Student Employees:

We know that many of you hire student employees to help manage administrative elements of your groups. Therefore, if a student employee requires access to the Events Calendar as part of their job, we will make an exception. However, please note, ultimately, your Calendar Group's full-time administrative staff members are responsible for any action the student takes on the server. It is also your Group's responsibility to let us know when the student's employment with your group has ended.