The Basics

What is the Events Calendar?

The NYU Events Calendar serves a central resource for information about events at the university. Events are contributed to the calendar by NYU schools, departments, centers and programs on an ongoing basis.

The Events Calendar powers the Events Channel in NYUHome, as well as our NYU mobile offerings. In addition, the application can provide a robust API for those of you who want to pull events by Group, Category, or Tag.

Adding events to the calendar is performed by a Calendar Group - one or more individuals who manage events for a particular school, department, program.  All of a Group's events are added to the main events listing.

You can add images, location maps, and even attach files (PDF, Word docs) to your events.

Some basic definitions and info:

Event Type (Category)

An Event Type (Category) is a broad classification of a topic. By assigning one or more event types to your event, you allow our site visitors to quickly identify a listing of a particular type of event. At least one event type is required per event. Our event types are: Arts, Athletics, Conferences - Symposia, Dates - Deadlines, Free Food, Open to the Public, Programs, and Speakers.


A Tag is a label that further defines content using simple keywords. You can use Tags to assign additional classification to your event. Site visitors will be able to search on popular Tags to surface events based on their particular interest.

Some useful and popular Tags have been pre-populated and associated with Event Types (e.g., the Tags film and live comedy are associated with the Arts event type). Those Tags will be suggested to you as create an Event and are also viewable in your Group's Tag Library.

If a Tag is not already in your Group's Tag Library, you can enter a new Tag and it will be added to your Group's Tag Library.


Make your event listings pop by adding images to the page! Select images from our Shared images library, or upload your own images into your Calendar Group's Image Library to use and re-use.


When you add an event to the calendar, you can plot the event's location on a map. The map will appear on the event's public listing and be accessible by site visitors.  You can choose from our global Places library, or, add your own location data to your Calendar Group's Places Library.