Events Calendar Terms of Use

General Terms

NYU Information Technology (NYU IT) provides access to and is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the NYU Events Calendar, a web-based showcase for the promotion by eligible members of the University community of the University's many events. These Terms of Use explain the terms of service and obligations for those who have been granted access to the Events Calendar administrator utility. NYU may add or delete NYU Events Calendar service offerings from time to time and reserves the right to change, at any time, at its sole discretion, the provisions of the service and these Terms of Use. Violations of these Terms of Use may result in loss of privileges or disciplinary action.

Service Features

The NYU Events Calendar is currently powered by the Live Whale Calendar product. Service features include:

  • Easy-to-use interface for entering events
  • Image library
  • RSVP functionality
  • Outbound data feeds to supply events to other NYU digital communications properties (e.g., websites, mobile

For a full list of tools and features, please visit the NYU Events Calendar service description page, or review the details in the IT Service Catalog.

Please note, the NYU Events Calendar is NOT:

  • provided as a personal calendar tool (the NYU Calendar service serves that need).
  • intended for management of non-NYU events (e.g., a music festival that happens to be managed by an NYU staff member in his/her spare time).
  • meant as an appointment, room-scheduling, or asset reservation tool.


Pending approval, full-time NYU administrative staff with active NetIDs and NYUHome accounts who have primary responsibility for managing event information for their school, department, or program may be provided with access to the Events Calendar administrator utility.

Responsibility for Content/Content Ownership

Information added to the NYU Events Calendar is publicly accessible. Each event, once added, is associated with a group name whose recipients are identified by NetID. This group (and its members), hereafter known as the "primary author" of the event content, is responsible for the information posted to the NYU Events Calendar.

NYU expects that the primary author will employ reasonable and appropriate safeguards concerning the information and content they transmit and store. As a user of NYU's computing services, the primary author must comply with all federal, New York State, local, and other applicable laws; all University rules and policies, including the Policy on Responsible Use of NYU Computers and Data and and the Policy on the Appropriate Use of E-mail at New York University; all applicable contracts and licenses; and these Terms of Use. As stated in the Policy on Responsible Use of NYU Computers and Data, anyone in the NYU community utilizing NYU's computer and data resources, including the NYU Events Calendar, acknowledges that NYU has the authority to monitor, use, or disclose their data under appropriate circumstances.

Any access to information stored on your account will follow the standards established in the current University practice, found at IT Policies & Guidance.

Use of the NYU Events Calendar should reflect the positive and respectful learning and working environment of NYU within which basic rules of conduct for the entire University community prevail. Such rules of conduct are discussed in various University documents including, but not limited to: the Faculty Handbook, the Employee Handbook, and NYU's Code of Ethical Conduct.

All materials entered into the NYU Events Calendar must comply with federal copyright law and NYU's Policy on Photocopying Copyrighted Materials and Statement of Policy on Intellectual Property (for further information, see Copyright and Fair Use). Publishing images may involve incorporation of original works of third parties that are covered by copyright laws. All images used in the NYU Events Calendar that are not from the provided stock image library must have a specified primary author who is solely responsible for detailing the sharing and permissions information pertaining to copyright, fair use, and/or Creative Commons licensing for uploaded, shared, and posted content within an item. Use of such works may be permitted by principles of fair use, consistent with copyright laws. For more information or examples of fair use, see the following links:

Although NYU does not routinely pre-screen, monitor or regularly review posted NYU Events Calendar content, it reserves the right to remove, at any time, at its sole discretion, any content that it considers to violate these Terms of Use or the terms of any other campus user agreements that may govern use of the campus networks or that it deems in violation of University policy or local, state, or federal law. Should NYU receive reports concerning the posting of inappropriate content, NYU will investigate and contact the primary author to initially discuss the issue. In exceptional cases, when content is obviously unacceptable, ITS will immediately remove the entry prior to contacting the primary author. Unacceptable entries of this sort also may cause NYU Events Calendar access to be suspended and, in extreme cases, may result in disciplinary proceedings against the primary author and/or contributing authors. Reports regarding inappropriate content may be sent to:

Archive and Retention

The NYU Events Calendar service is not a content repository system. The following guidelines detail how the NYU Events Calendar service will manage content added by primary authors.


The NYU Events Calendar will maintain one calendar year's worth of archival events content previous to the current calendar year. Before that period is over, it is responsibility of the primary author to export and store any archival events data s/he wishes to maintain. The NYU Events Calendar service team will execute a yearly deletion of old content. Once content has been deleted and the source is removed from the NYU Events Calendar servers, the NYU Events Calendar service team is NOT obligated to search for deleted database content.

Content Retention

Once event data is uploaded into the application database, the primary author is the sole proprietor of its content, responsible for content management, and liable for copyright infringements.

Service Evaluation

Subject to our Digital Privacy statement, the NYU Events Calendar may use web analysis tools to measure and collect anonymous information to help ITS evaluate the way the service is being used in order to improve the web experience.

Service Availability

Availability of the NYU Events Calendar may be interrupted for maintenance and other updates and is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis only. NYU Events Calendar maintenance work will be scheduled to follow the IT maintenance guidelines and request calendar.


The NYU Events Calendar service team is primarily responsible for the system as a whole. Support for the NYU Events Calendar service is maintained by the Digital Communications Group (DigiComm). Tutorials are available online.

To report NYU Events Calendar service incidents, such as unavailability, function failures, user access, and other service outages and degradations, please contact the NYU IT Service Desk (212-998-3333) or write to: