About LiveWhale

What is LiveWhale?

LiveWhale is a product of White Whale Web Services, a California-based company that has worked collaboratively with great colleges and universities around the country for many years. Their roots are in customized, personal design and application development.

We chose LiveWhale because of its ease of use, and the ability to customize its offerings to serve the needs of the NYU community.

What's the Difference Between WebEvent and LiveWhale?


Old Calendar

New Calendar


Account Requests

  • Calendar administrator may add new calendar “writers”, or
  • Manual request, by sending email to ‘events@nyu.edu’
  • Post-migration, requests may be made via an online account request form
  • Request must be submitted by current calendar group member on behalf of new calendar group member

Site Access

  • Click calendar administration link within NYUHome’s Events channel  or,
  • Log directly into calendar application at events.nyu.edu


  • Integrated with NYU’s single sign-on Identity Management system (no need to log in again if already authenticated)


  • Calendar "administrators"
  • Calendar "writers"
  • Calendar Groups (of one or more individuals who manage events for a particular school, department, program)


Event Submissions

  • Events entered into separate school/department/program calendars
  • Option to add to the main NYU Events calendar
  • Events added to main NYU events calendar list
  • May be aggregated by Group, tag, or category

Creation Options

  • Events entered into the system, saved and immediately made live
  • Events entered into the system may be saved in draft form until made live


  • Plain text only, or
  • HTML skills needed to create formatted text
  • Plain text, or
  • Easy-to-use GUI to add HTML formatting to event text,
  • or add your own HTML source

Media (audio, images, video)

  • None
  • Add images by selecting from your local machine, or use stock images in our global image library
  • Add audio/video by entering the (externally hosted) URL or embed code for the source


  • None
  • Tag your events for better searchability
  • Auto-populated tag choices associated with categories
  • User-generated tags associated with Calendar Groups
  • User-generated tags added to global tag database

Location Mapping

  • None
  • Add a location to your event, and/or select from a pre-populated list of NYU locations to display location on a Google map



  • RSS
  • ICS
  • Feeds manually created by NYU Events Team, upon request
  • RSS
  • ICS
  • JSON
  • Automatically generated per event category
  • Creation of granular feeds may be constructed based on Group name, or tagged events by anyone

Search Functionality

  • None
  • Robust end-user search based on general terms, category, tag, Group

RSVP Functionality

  • None
  • Basic RSVP functionality may be added to any event
  • Email confirmation sent to registrant
  • Downloadable registration list
  • More robust feature set to be added in the future

Calendar Component for main NYU CMS

  • None
  • Component available to add into one-column spaces in main NYU CMS pages
  • Events may be aggregated by tag, category or Group to customize display for page’s topic
  • Up to 20 events may be displayed for daily, weekly, monthly time-span (up to 6 months)