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Work With Page Content

Move Content on a Page

If you wish to change the location of a component/paragraph on the page, highlight the component. Place your cursor on the outline of the component (make sure you see the "arrow"), and then drag the component to the new location.

Important Note: You cannot drag components across columns or it will break the page. You can move components within the same column. If you want that content/component in another column, you will need to copy/paste the component, NOT drag/drop it.

Component Movement Example

If the component is allowed into the new location, you will see a green checkmark. Drop the component into the desired location.

Moving Component

Your component has moved!

Component is moved

How To Use the CMS


Edit Content

To modify content in a component, right-click on the section and select Edit OR double-click on the section and the dialog window will open allowing you to update/change the existing content. To modify content in promo components, click the Edit button in the editing toolbar.

Delete Content

  1. From within Edit mode, right-click on the section in your page that you wish to remove and select Delete. A dialog window will open to confirm your action.
  2. Click Yes to delete the page, or No to cancel the request.

NOTE: The delete action cannot be undone - but if the page has already been activated (published), you can restore the latest (or a specific) version, though this may not have exactly the same content as your last version if further modifications had been made. See the Page Versioning section called Restore Previous Page Version for further details.

Content Maintenance

Reviewing your website content is a crucial part of actively maintaining a live website. Schedule a full content review on a regular basis. For sites with time-sensitive content, a weekly or daily content review may be necessary. For sites with relatively static content, do a full content review at least every six months.

Content Updates

A website is a living document and the content on it must always be the most current available. Update your content frequently and consider refreshing existing relevant content with new language, images, or videos. You should always remove any outdated content in a timely manner.

Link Checks

Over time, links to internal or external resources become outdated and break. Broken links are hyperlinks that lead a site viewer to a nonexistent webpage or document. You should always update or remove these links in a timely manner.

Component Additions

As the content needs of your pages change, you may want to try out different components and features within the CMS. Take time to see what components are available and to think about how they can be used with your content to improve the user experience.

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