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Manage Digital Assets

Digital assets are managed in the Digital Asset Manager (DAM), which is accessible by clicking the digital assets icon on the CQ Welcome page or the camera icon when working in CQ.

After you upload assets, you can perform the following functions:

Upload Files to the DAM


Image files that do not exceed 2MB may be uploaded to the DAM. There are three commonly used image file types—JPG, PNG, and GIF.

JPG is a filetype that reduces the quality of the image in order to minimize the file size. Use the JPG filetype for photographs and complex graphic images. Do not use with simple graphic images.

GIF is a filetype that can be saved with a maximum of 256 colors which makes it a poor format for photographic images. Use the GIF filetype for simple graphic images and animated GIF files.

PNG is a filetype that was developed to replace the GIF filetype and it the best format to use for most graphic images. Older browsers do not support this filetype (IE6 and below). Do not use this format for photographic images.


FLV (edited and encoded) video files that do not exceed 500MB may be uploaded to the DAM. If you have a larger file, please contact

Create Sub-Folders

When organizing a collection of assets you can create folders to keep the images together.

  1. Navigate the folder tree to the image folder where you want to create a new folder
  2. In the top menu bar, navigate to the New button and click the right-hand arrow
  3. Select New Folder from the drop down menu
  4. Type the name of the folder in the Title field
  5. Click Create

Edit Image Metadata

After an asset is uploaded to the DAM, additional information about the asset called metadata may be edited or added to increase the asset's searchability.

  1. Double-click or right click on the image file and select Open
  2. Edit the appropriate fields in the asset editor
  3. Click the Save button at the bottom of the form

In the Asset Editor you will also see any sub-assets and renditions of the selected asset.

How To Use the CMS



DAM tree view

In the left hand folder tree, navigate to where you want to create a new asset collection folder.

dam new menu

Then navigate to the top menu bar and click on the arrow next to New. Select New Folder from the drop down menu.

new folder dialog box

In the pop-up dialog box, type the name of the folder in the Title field. Click Create and your folder will appear in the digital assets folder.

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